This is the KeycAES3 support page.

KeycAES3 is a FireFox extension, an add-on screen to import and export your password list.

There are two main reasons you might want to export your passwords:  backup and security.

If you crash your disk or get wiped out by some other catastrophe, one of the hardest items
to reconstruct is the list of secure sites and the passwords you use to get into them.  If
they were snugly tucked into your now defunct browser, too bad.  But, if there is a website
or external drive where you can conveniently store them, you're covered.

If you share a computer with someone, or log in as a guest on a machine you don't own,
it might not be safe to leave your passwords in FireFox.  And of course, the first time
you log in as 'guest', there are no passwords.  If it's easy to import them, there is no
reason to leave them exposed.

KeycAES uses 256-bit AES encryption to mung your password list before it writes to an
external file.  If you have a website where you can write files, KeycAES makes it easy to
put them in a hidden folder.

Take a look at the screenshot of KeycAES below, or click on the Download link to grab a
copy of the .xpi (the same as the version on the FireFox extensions page).  If you have 
any questions about KeycAES, please drop me an email.


Email me (