Move the cursor over the palette to select the color of frame, background or text. Click the palette to toggle selection on or off; this 'freezes' the current color, (and frees your mouse) until you click again on the color array. The palette is 'web-safe', meaning that the range is a subset of colors that all standard browsers render alike. To try intermediate colors, change the hex values in the display by typing them, or by using the arrows or your up/down keys to increment them (keys are faster). The font list includes some that are typically available ('ok'), some that are available only on some platforms (??), and some that are not widely available (!!). Consider these 'serving suggestions'. If a font is not available on the user's machine, it will be rendered as the default (usually 'Times'). When you click 'Send', the color selections and description will be sent to the email address you have chosen.

    Email to:   (email address)
        From:   (email address)
 Description:   (how you want to use this selection)

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Font (!!-unsafe, ??-maybe)Size